2 Kings 15 & 16

These two chapters cover a period of about eighty years.
It is helpful to make a list in parallel columns of the kings of Judah and Israel respectively, mentioned in today’s portion, with the length of their reigns.

  1. Taking first the kings of Judah, how does Ahaz stand out in sharp contrast to his father Jotham, and his grandfather Azariah (Uzziah)?
    What two particular acts of folly, one political, the other religious, are recorded of him?
    Cf. Ps. 146:3-5; Is. 7:1-9.
  2. How long did the dynasty of Jehu continue in Israel?
    See 10:30 and Hos. 1:4. What happened after the dynasty came to an end?
    What great loss did the northern kingdom suffer in the reign of Pekah?
    Do you find any good thing recorded of any of the kings of the northern kingdom in these two chapters? Cf. Hos. 7:7; 8:4; 13:11.