2 Kings 5:1 – 6:7

  1. Chapter 5. There are four important figures in this chapter: the captive maid, Naaman, Elisha and Gehazi.
    What lessons can we learn from each?
  2. 6:1-7. Think about this incident in relation to Elisha’s position as a spiritual leader.
    Are there lessons here for the Christian church?


  1. 5:17. The idea in Naaman’s mind was that Jehovah, the God of Israel, could not be rightly worshipped except on Israelitish soil.
    His faith was still very imperfect, as verse 18 also shows.
  2. 5;22. ‘A talent of silver’: i.e., about seventy-five pounds, a very large sum to be asked for two young men of the sons of the prophets.