2 Kings 3:1 – 4:7  

  1. What was the cause of the attack on Moab, and how was Elisha brought into the situation?
    A map should be used to identify the route taken by the attacking armies, and the place where the miracle took place. How does the story show what one man of faith can do to save a multitude?
  2. How does the story of 4:1-7 illustrate the working of faith?
    Was it easy for the woman to do what Elisha bade her do?
    Has this any lesson for you in your own life?


  1. 3:1. Cf. 1:17. The apparent discrepancy may be explained by the fact that father and son frequent reigned together during the latter part of the father’s life.
  2. 3:11. ‘He used to pour water… ‘ i.e., he was Elijah’s attendant.
  3. 3:20. Travelers report that in that region there is water under the sand.