2 Kings 1 & 2

These two chapters contain the last two stories about Elijah.

  1. Contrast the end of Kings Ahaziah with Elijah’s end.
    What was the fundamental difference between these two men?
    Cf. 1 John 2:15-17; 5:4.
  2. In what three ways was Elisha tested (see 2:1-15), and what qualities in him does his conduct reveal?
    Have we the same resolute spirit? See Note 1 below. Elisha’s miracles are parables of spiritual truths.
    What do you learn from this first miracle (2:19-22)?


  1. 2:9. Elisha wanted to be fully equipped for the high service to which he was called.
  2. 2:23-25. ‘Youths’ (or ‘young lads’, as in RV mg.). These were youths of Bethel, whose attitude reflected the spirit of the place. Coming out to meet Elisha in a large band, they mocked the prophet, who was bald in mourning for his master (cf. Job 1:20), and said ‘Go up’, i.e., ‘Ascend to heaven as you say your master did’. It was a grievous insult, and Elisha, righteously angry, invoked the judgment of God upon them. Shaken by the whole episode, he did not enter Bethel but made his way to Carmel.