1 Kings 21

  1. Consider the parts played by Ahab, Jazebel, and the elders of Jezreel respectively in the murder of Naboth.
    What in the murder of Naboth. What was the special guilt of each?
    What was it that distinguished Elijah from all these ?
    What do we learn from his examole of the qualities God wants in us if he is to do his work?
  2. Sum up what you have learnt of Ahab’s character from chapter 20 and 21.


  1. Verses 2 and 3. Ahab’s offer was fair  in itself, but when he failed to gain his desire he was displeased. Yet Naboth, according to the law, had the right to refuse. See Num. 36:7.
  2. Verse 15. We learn from 2 kgs. 9:26 that Naboth’s sons were also put to death, that there might be no surviving heir.