1 Kings 8:12-66

  1. Verse 14-21. What promise is spoken of here as having been fulfilled?
    Are there experiences in your life of which you can say ‘God… with his own hand has fulfilled what he promised with his own mouth’ (verse 15)?
    Observe how, in verses 22-53, thanksgiving for the fulfillment of the promise stimulated further prayer. What seven particular petitions did Solomon make, and on what grounds did he base his prayer?
  2. Verses 54-61. In this ‘blessing’ how did Solomon sum up Israel’s story’s?
    What two petitions did he offer, and to what ends, and what charge did he give the people? Consider how applicable his words are to ourselves.


  1. Verse 12.’Dark cloud’: there was no light in the most holy place, to symbolize the inscrutable mystery of the divine nature.
    The ark symbolized his presence in the midst of his people.
  2. Verse 16. ‘My Name’: a phrase used frequently in this chapter as signifying God in the fullness of his self-revelation.
  3. Verse 51. ‘Iron-smelting furnace’: i.e., one in which iron is smelted.
  4. Verse 65. ‘Seven days and seven days more’ i.e., seven for the dedication of the altar, and seven for the feast, as explained in 2 Chr. 7:8, 9.