1 Kings 1

  1. Get hold of the story. Who supported Adonijah, and who supported Solomon, and by what mean s was Adonijah’s attempt to seize the throne frustrated?
    What can we learn about the character of each of these men?
  2. This is the last mention of Nathan in Scripture.
    In his action here and also in 2 Sam. 7 and 12 how does he exemplify by his faithful and disinterested conduct our duty as servants of God?


  1. Verse 5. Adonijah, as David’s eldest surviving son (see 2 Sam. 3:4), had a claim to recognition (see 1Kgs. 2:15).
    At the same time this might be overrules by the king (verses 20 and 27).
  2. Verses 52, 53. Solomon spares Adonijah on certain conditions, but commands him to withdraw from public affairs.