2 Samuel 24

  1. (a) Compare the length of time taken by Joab to count, and by the angel to slay the Israelites.
    (b) Compare the atonement required by God for David’s adultery (2 Sam. 12:15, 18) with that exacted here.
    What sin on David’s part is being dealt with?
    What lessons are taught about it?
    Cf. Prov. 16 below.
  2. Where was Araunah’s threshing-floor?
    See Note on verse 16 below. What outstanding event had happened there previously?
    See Gen. 22:2.
    What was the site eventually used for?
  3. Is there a lesson for us in David’s declaration of verse 24?

Note. Verse 16. We learn from 2 Chr. 3:1 that Araunah’s threshing-floor was on Mount Moriah, which became the site of temple.