1 Samuel 15

  1. Trace the course of Saul’s disobedience – his excuses (verses 20, 21 24) and his self-interest (verse 30).
    Trace also the course of Samuel’s warning (verse 1), denunciation (verses 14, 18, 19), and declaration of divine judgment (verses 22, 23, 26, 28, 29).
    What may we learn here concerning God’s ways and the demands of his service?
  2. From verse 11, and from Samuel’s reply to Saul in verses 22, 23, what do we learn concerning the divine reaction against ritual without obedience, against outward religious observance that masks an inner disobedience?
    Have God’s requirements or his attitude changed?

 Note. Verse 15. The whole points about the sacred ban was that everything must be destroyed; not one thing must be spared or looted. Cf. Josh. 7:1.