1 Samuel 10:17-11:15

  1. How does the story of Saul’s public election demonstrate God’s forbearance?
    See especially 10:19.
    Cf. Pss. 103:14, 15; 78:37-39; Rom. Rom. 2:4.
  2. To what does Scripture attribute Saul’s vigorous action and his success?
    Cf. Acts 1:8. Do these verses come to you as a challenge, or a rebuke?
  3. Consider what noble qualities Saul displays. See 9:21; 10:9, 16b, 22, 27c.
    Does your life give evidence of a similar work of God?

Note. 11:9. The men of Jabesh Gilead never forgot Saul’s rescue of them from the Ammonites. See 31:11-13.