1 Samuel 9:1-10:16

This passage describes Saul’s private anointing to be king.
10:20-24 describes his public identification by lot as the man of God’s choice. 11:14, 15 describes his public enthronement.


  1. 9:1-14. What encouragement can we take from the fact that the free movements of young men and girls, of donkeys and God’s prophet, are overruled here to bring about God’s purposes?
  2. What three confirmatory signs were given to Saul?
    How would they give him assurance that Samuel’s words in 10:1 were indeed true?
    How would this section also show that when God calls, he equips?


  1. 10:3, 4. It remarkable that the men should give Saul part of the offering that they probably intended to sacrifice at the sanctuary.
  2. 10:8. Cf. 13:8-14. The event of 11:14, 15 is an interlude and not the visit to Gilgal referred to in 10:8.