Luke 23: 26-49

  1. Trace in this chapter the stages in Pilate’s capitulation. What was his ruling motive?
    What would you have done in his place?
  2. Verses 26-31. Try to picture Jesus on the way to crucifixion.
    What impression must his condition and his words have made on the bystanders?
    What occasioned this warning and implied call for repentance?
    Luke 23: 32-43
  3. Consider
    (a) the attitude to Jesus’ suffering of the different people mentioned, and
    (b) his attitude to them.
  4. Verses 39-43. What brought this criminal to repentance and faith?
    What can we learn
    (a) from his confession and request, and
    (b) from Jesus’ response to his prayer?
    Cf. Luke 18:13, 14.