Luke 22:39-64

  1. Verses 39-46. Why did Jesus shrink from the cross?
    Could the physical suffering alone have caused this?
    What does this teach us both about Jesus himself and about his death?
    Consider your share in the responsibility for that agony
  2. What sort of impression of the quality of Jesus’ disciples do you get from this passage as a whole? Is this an encouragement to you?
  3. Verses 47-54. Compare the attitude of Jesus with that of his disciple (cf. also Mark 14:50), and his enemies.
    What made the difference?
    Do verses 41,42, 45, 46 suggest an answer?
  4. Verses 54-62. What does this passage show both of the strength and of the weakness of Peter? Trace the stages of his failure from verses 33 to verse 60).
    What brought him to repentance?