Luke 21:5 -38

In this chapter two themes seem to be intertwined; the coming destruction of Jerusalem and its temple (which happened in AD 70), and the second coming of the Lord. It is not always clear which is in view, but in verses 5-24 the reference is probably to AD 70 throughout.

If detailed predictions are first given about AD 70 in verses 5-24 and about our Lord’s second coming in verses 25-28, it seems probable that in a concluding summary our Lord first referred again to AD 70 in verses 29-32, and then to the end of the age and final day of the Lord in verses 33-36.

  1. Jesus speaks of the destruction of Jerusalem as ‘days of vengeance’ (verses 22); what then was its cause?
    Cf. 11:49-51; 13:34, 35; 19:41-44.
  2. What dangers and problems will confront the disciples?
    How are they to be ready to meet them?
    Cf. Matt. 10:22; John 15:18-21; Rev. 12:11.
  3. Contrast the attitude of Christians with that of other men in times of crisis and judgment. What is it that makes all the difference?
  4. In the light of our expectation of our Lord’s return, how ought we to live? What will enable us to stand firm?