Luke 20:27-21:4

  1. 20:27-40. The Sadducees repudiated the doctrine of a life after death, both because of the practical difficulties it involved, and because it was not taught in the Five Books of Moses, which they regarded as the only authority.
    How did Jesus meet their objections on both grounds?
    Cf. Mark 12:24.
  2. 21:1-4. What does God look for in those who mark gifts for his work?
    Cf. 2 cor. 8:12.
    Contrast these verses with 20:46, 47.
  3. 20:41-44. ‘Son of David’ as a title for the Messiah carried the implication of a national, political deliverer.
    What does Jesus teach here about the true status of the Messiah, and about the character of his reign?