Luke 17

Verses 1-10. Four characteristics of a true disciple are presented in these verses.
Can you sum them up in four words?
Note the demand for personal application (verses 3, 10), and need to pray for an increase (verse 5) in such qualities.
Verses 11-19. What was required before the men could be healed?
And what did Jesus expect of them afterwards?
Can we learn anything from this for our own prayers?

What does Jesus teach here concerning the nature of:
(a) the kingdom of God, and
(b) the coming of the Son of Man?
What is the difference, and what the connection?
What aspects of his return does Jesus emphasize here?
How will it find the world?
And how should it find his own people?

Note. Verse 37. The figurative language (cf. Job 39:27-30) suggests that, ‘Where there is spiritual decay, judgment will come.’ Or it is perhaps a proverbial saying meaning simply, ‘When the time is ripe, it will happen.’