Luke 10

  1. 10:1-12.How do these verses show the urgency both in Jesus’ own concern for evangelism, and in the work he gives to his disciples?
    What is the reason for this urgency?
    In what activities ought it to make us engage?
  2. What do these verse verses show of the greatness of our privileges in Christ?
    In how many of them are you sharing?
  3. Verses 21, 22. What caused this outburst of joy?
    What does this prayer teach us of:
    (a) the Father’s method of working,
    (b) Jesus’ unique relationship to the Father?
  4. Consider the summary of the law in verse 27. Is it an adequate summary?
    How does Jesus’ story guard against a misinterpretation of it?
    Who is your neighbor?
    And how can you prove yourself to be a neighbour?
  5. Verses 38-42. Martha and Mary were concerned about different things.
    Which did Jesus consider the more important, and how did he solve the tension between them?

Note. Verse 42. The ‘one thing’ may well be a pun, implying that there is no need for an elaborate meal, and Mary, by choosing to listen to Jesus, has chosen the best dish!