Luke 4:1-30

  1. What can we learn from this passage about the nature of temptation?
    Note, e.g., at what times temptation may come, what sort of circumstances the tempter may use (4:2; cf. Mark 14:38), etc.
    How does the passage show that temptation is not sin?
  2. Verses 16-21. Jesus speaks to the people of Nazareth, his own home town.
    What does his use of Is. 61:1, 2 teach them of his mission?
    Why is the claim of verse 21 so startling
  3. Verses 22-30. The people were moved but not convinced (verse 22). How did Jesus interpret to them their unspoken thoughts (verse 23), and what did he go no to imply (verses 25-27)?
    What made them so angry?