Luke 2:1-39

  1. What may we learn from the circumstances of our Saviour’s birth, and the status of his first worshippers?
  2. What do the angel’s message and the rejoicing of the heavenly host teach us of the importance of the birth of Jesus?
    How is the shepherds’ response to this message an example to us?
  3. Verses 1-7. How do these verses illustrate that God controls all human affairs, bringing about his own purpose through the free actions of men?
    Cf. with verse 4, Mic.5:2.
  4. What did the appearance of Jesus mean to Simeon and to Anna?
    What, according to verses 30-32, was to be the scope of his work?
  5. Verses 34, 35. What was to be the effect of Jesus’ coming on different classes of people?
    What would be the cause of men’s falling and rising/ Cf. 1 Pet. 2:6-8.


  1. Verses 21-24. After the circumcision of a child, two rites had to be performed: first, his presentation to God (verses 22, 23; cf. Exod. 13:2); second, the sacrifice of purification for the mother (verse 24; cf Lev. 12:2-8).
  2. Verse 25. ‘Waiting for the consolation of Israel’: i.e., for the coming of the Messiah. Cf. verse 38 and 24:21.