Luke 1: 57-80

The song of Zechariah may be divided thus: verses 68 – 70, thanks to God for the coming of the Messiah; verses 71-75, the purpose of the Messiah’s coming; verse 76, 77, the mission of john; verses 78,79, a further picture of the Messiah’s coming.

  1. Trace in the song of Zechariah the successive stages in the unfolding of God’s plan of Salvation through the Old Testament and up to the coming of the Messiah.
    How does it reveal the unity of the Old and New testaments?
  2. What, according to this song, is the purpose of salvation?
    Is this your experience?


  1. Verse 69. ‘A horn of salvation’: i.e., one who is strong to save.
    The horn of an animal was a common symbol of strength; cf. Ps. 18:2.
  2. Verse 80. ‘The desert’: the desolate region around the Jordan and the.
    Dead Sea.