Judges 20

  1. Gibeah was a Benjamite city, and the men of Benjamin refused to deliver up their fellow-tribesmen to justice. What is the relationship between loyalty to those with whom we are connected (family, friends, business associates, etc.) and our loyalty to God and his commandments?
  2. Note the profound effect on the tribes of the sin of the men of Gibeah. See 19:30; 20:1, 8, 11.
    It stabbed the people awake to the degree to which moral declension had progressed among them.
    Can you discover other factor which shows that some good came out of this sordid chapter of events?
  3. How would you account for the fact that the eleven tribes were twice defeated by the Benjamites, even though they had asked counsel of the Lord?
    What do you gather from 20:23 about their attitude?
    Was it a sign of weakness, or strength?