Judges 1:1-2:5

The many parallels between this chapter and the book of Joshua show that it is a valuable supplementary account of the conquest. It deals with events after the main victories had been gained, when the tribes had dispersed to attempt the occupation of their allocated territory. The opening words of the book, ‘After the death of Joshua’ do not necessarily relate to the events of the first chapter, but are a general title to the complete book of Judges.

  1. Judah began well. Why did they fail to complete their task? Ought their advance to have been checked by ‘chariots of Iron;? Cf. Deut. 20:1; Josh. 17:16-18; Judg. 4:13-15; Matt. 9:29; Heb. 11:33.
  2. Notice the general movement from south to north in chapter 1. Can you document a corresponding deterioration in the situation as the chapter progresses?
  3. What charge did the angel of the Lord bring against Israel? What were the consequences of their failure? What can we learn from this concerning the folly of compromise? Cf. Heb. 12:14-17; Rom. 6:16.