Joshua 8

  1. Using a map, follow the plan of campaign.
    Note the contrasts and similarities to the conquest of Jericho.
    What principles of victory emerge from chapters 6 and 8 for the people of God?
  2. The background to verses 30-35 is to be found in Deut. 11:26-29; 27:1-28:68.
    What were the purposes of this dedication service?

Joshua 7

  1. What sins are described here?
    What were their results?
    Cf. also Is. 59:1, 2.
  2. What steps were necessary to rectify the situation?
    Why was the punishment so drastic?
    How ought this chapter, Is. 53:5 and 1 Pet. 2:24 to affect our view of sin?

Joshua 6

  1. 6:1, 2; cf. Heb. 11:30. What can we learn here concerning the conditions and demands of conquering enemy strongholds by faith?
    Have you a faith that perseveres?
    Cf. Heb. 3:14; 6:11, 12; 10:35, 36.
  2. Follow the rest of Rahab;s life in 6:22-25 and Matt. 1:5, 6. Salmon may have been one of the spies.
    What truths does Rahab illustrate concerning God’s way of dealing with men?

Joshua 5

  1. Before the conquest of Jericho come the events described in chapter 5.
    Note their order. What is their significance:
    (a) for the Jews;
    (b) for Joshua;
    (c) for us?

Joshua 4

  1. Compare and contrast the position and attitude of the people here with that of their fathers in Num. 14:1-10. Which group reflects your own attitude?

Joshua 3

  1. Work out the order of events, as the people entered the Promised Land.
    Note the parts played by God and by the people.
    What principles for progress in the Christian life are illustrated here?

Map: Click on the map to see the 40kms from Adam to the Arabah (the dead sea.

Map of Israel for the crossing into the promise Land

Map of Israel for the crossing into the promise Land

Joshua 2

  1. How does the story in this chapter justify the statement in Heb. 11:31?
    Compare Rahab’s words with the actual position of the Israelites at the time, and note especially verse 11.
  2. Observe how Rahab’s faith kindled the faith of the spies. What stimulus does this give us in life of faith? What parallel is suggested to you by the house protected by the scarlet thread?
    With verses 19, cf. Exod.12:22.