Joshua 14 & 15

  1. Note the inheritance given to the different tribes and individuals; notice particularly the contrast between Levi and Caleb, and the reasons given for each. With 14: 6-13, cf. Num.13:17-14:10.
  2. Is your environment as unpromising as the arid, giant-ridden Negev seemed to Acsah? If so, compare her attitude with Luke 11:13 and Phil. 4:19, and be thankful!
  3. Whose inheritance is described in today’s section? What attitudes were shown by the tribes and by Joshua? Why were the people of Joseph not praised as Caleb had been (14:13), when they made a particular claim to territory?
  4. Using a concordance, study the character of Ephraim. Do you agree with Ellicott’s statement that ‘They were constantly asserting their right to the supremacy in Israel, without exhibiting any qualification for it’?


 14:7, 10. These verses, combined with Deut. 2:14, show that the preliminary conquest of the land took seven years.

15:63, together with 2 Sam. 5:6, 7, shows that this book was written before David’s time.