Joshua 12 & 13

  1. Again the aid of a map is needed to follow this summary of a war which lasted several years. Which area is covered here? To what causes was Joshua’s final victory due?
  2. Note the verses which point out the finality and harshness of the treatment which Joshua carried out. Why was this necessary? What spiritual lesson can we learn from this? Cf. Matt. 18:8, 9; Col. 3:5.
  3. Meditate on the statement at the end of chapter 11 in the light of the continued conflict in chapters 13ff. See especially 13:1. In what ways does this history provide encouragement and challenge to us today? Cf. the order and progress of Rom. 6-8.
  4. 13:1-7. Consider how exactly the Lord amplifies the statement at the end of 13:1. Are there in your life blessings promised to us in Christ which are not yet possessed, and remaining enemies to be subdued? Ask him to reveal them to you with similar precision