Joshua 10

  1. Use a map briefly to clarify in your mind the events described here.
    In what ways is this chapter an interesting sequel to chapter 9?
    What lessons had Joshua and Israel learnt?
  2. These thing ‘were written down as warnings for us’ (1 cor. 10:11).
    What examples can we follow?
    See verses 6ff, 16-22, 24, 25; 26-40; 42; and cf. Ps.15:4 and Col. 3:5.


  1. Verses12, 13. See NBC, pp. 247-8. By the action of God’s sovereign providence conditions were granted, which we cannot fully explain, which enabled the Israelites to gain a complete victory.
  2. Verse 40. ‘The Negev’ was the arid southern land.