Mark 3:19b-35

  1. Note the official source and the evil character of the opposition that Jesus now had to meet.
    His reply to their accusation falls into three parts
    (a) he disproves their assertion;
    (b) He sets forth the true explanation of his power over evil spirits;
    (c) He gives a solemn warning State his argument in your own words.
  2. Jesus distinguishes here his spiritual kinsmen from his human relatives.
    Why did the latter misunderstand him?
    How do the former reveal their kinship with him?


  1. Verse 19b-21 are connected with verses 31-35. The words ‘his friends’ in verse 21 mean literally ‘they from his home’, and might be translated ‘his family’.
  2. Verse 29, 30. The scribes’ sin was unforgivable because it was a defiant rejection of God-given light.
    They were knowingly calling good evil and holy unclean.