Mark 1:35 – 2:12

  1. After the astonishing events of the preceding day Jesus had to consider what he should do next. How did he arrive at a decision, and to what decision did he come?
    In what way did the healed leper’s disobedience hinder Jesus’ work?
    What bearing has this on:
    (a) our prayer life, and
    (b)the church’s missionary duty?
    Cf. John 20:21; Mark 16:15.
  2. What evidence do you find in this story in chapter 2 of our Lord’s powers of discernment?
    What did Jesus ‘see’?
    And when he confirmed a verbal claim, which men questioned, by a miraculous work that none could deny, to what truths was he bearing decisive witness?

Note. 2:4. The house would have had a flat roof, which could be reached by an outside stairway.