Deuteronomy 26

This chapter concludes both the social regulation and also the whole section of the specific laws to be observe by the people in the promised land.

  1. Verse 1-11: the law of first-fruits, to be given to God, in acknowledgement of his mercies. In what way did the law require each Israelite to reflect on and give thanks for national mercies, and for what mercies was he especially to give thanks?
    Have not we far greater cause to do this? Cf. Ps. 103:1-5; Col. 1:12-14.

  2. Verse 12-16: the law of tithes, to be given to their ministers, and to others unable to provide for themselves. Note how richly God promises to provide to those who obey God’s command of faithful tithing. Cf. Dt 14:28; 29; Pr 3:9, 10; Mal 3:8-12. {how should the NT church respond? Cf. 2 Cor 8:1-7}

  3. Verse 16-19 are the closing exhortation of the discourse begun in chapter 5 What covenant obligations did God and Israel respectively undertake?
    What can we learn from these verses concerning God’s purposes for us as his covenant people?