Deuteronomy 22 & 23

These laws are connected mainly with the sixth and seventh commandments.

  1. Verses 22:1-21. In what ways do these laws safeguard life, property and reputation, and thus put into operation the sixth commandment and the law of love to one’s neighbour?
  2. Verses 22:13-30. How do these laws uphold the principle of chastity implicit in the seventh commandment? How do the laws and customs of our contemporary society compare?
  3. Verses 23:1-25. What steps were to be taken to maintain the purity of the congregation and thus of the worship of God? How is this applied in the New Testament to the church on earth and to heaven itself? (Cf. 1 Cor. 5; Rev. 21:27, and see the questions concerning Deut 16 & 17.


  1. 22:5. The distinction of the sexes, even in outward appearance, ought to be strictly maintained.
  2. 22:9-11. Applied spiritually, these laws forbid the association of things morally incompatible; cf. 2 Cor 6:14-16.
  3. 22:14,17. ‘Proof of virginity’: i.e., the sheet, which became stained with blood on the first coitus.
  4. 23:15,16. The reference appears to be a slave fleeing from a foreign country, and taking refuge in a city of Israel.