Deuteronomy 10:12—11:32

Moses here uses two main arguments to persuade the people to obedience:
(a) In 10:12-11:12 he shows that certain attributes and methods of God demand a corresponding response from his people.
(b) In 11:13-32 he uses the rewards of obedience and the punishments of disobedience as incentives.
This raises the following questions:

1 What specifically are the attributes and ways of God particularized in 10:12-11:12 and what are their corresponding demands?

2 What rewards and punishments for obedience and disobedience are specified in 11:13-32?


  1. 101:12. ‘What … but…? Does not mean these demands are slight, but that they are reasonable. Cf. Mic. 6:8.
  2. 11:30. ‘Moreh’.\: where the Lord appeared to Abraham; Gen. 12:6, 7.