Deuteronomy 6

In Chapter 6-10 Moses outlines some general implications of the Ten Commandments before proceeding to apply them in detail to particular situations.

  1. What was God’s purpose in giving the law, and what was the primary duty of the Israelite?
    What was he to do, and what was he to beware of and not to do? (list them)
  2. Verses 10-15 concern forgetfulness-of-God in a time of prosperity.
    What ways of guarding against this danger can be found either explicit or implicit in this passage?
  3. What insight is given in this chapter into the necessity and method of family religion?


  1. . Verse 6. ‘Be upon’ literally ‘imprinted on’.
  2. Verse 13. Alluded to by Christ in answer to Satan (Matt. 4:10).