Numbers 18:8-19:22

  1. What does 18:8-32 teach us about offerings that are holy and belong by right to God?
  2. What are the special features of the sacrifice described in 19:1-10?
    Note the use to which the ashes were put (19:9, 12, 17-19).
    What are the ‘dead works’ from which we need to be purified?


  1. 18:19. ‘An everlasting covenant of salt’: i.e., an indissoluble covenant. Cf. 2 Chr. 13:5.
  2. 19:9, 12, 17-19. The cleansing virtue of the sacrifice already made was thus symbolically stored up and applied, as need arose, to the unclean. Cf. Heb. 9:13, 14; 1 John 1:7-9.