Exodus 21:33-23:19

The laws in 21:33-22:15 relate mainly to questions of property, and the remainder of the portion contains miscellaneous precepts.

  1. What instances of careless neglect, leading to injury or loss for others, are given in 21:33-22:15?
    And what does God demand of the offender in such cases?
    Can you think of modern parallels to the careless described here?
  2. Out from 22:16-23:19 illustrations of the truth of the claims God makes here concerning himself.
    For these claims see 22:27; 23:7.
    Against what sin does he say that his wrath will wax hot?

Note. Some of these laws are similar to those found in the famous code of. Hammurabi, but the provisions are much more merciful. (Cf. NBD, pp.442-3.) Notice in 22:31 the reference to being ‘consecrated’ to God. Cf. Lev. 11:44, 45