Exodus 4:18-6:9

  1. Contrast 4:29-31with 5:20, 21. What had happened to change the people’s attitude?
    How did Moses react?
  2. Consider God’s answer to Moses’ cry.
    What does it teach us about the faithfulness of God and the reliability of his promises?


  1. 4:24.This seems to mean that Moses was struck down by a severe and dangerous illness, the result of his neglect to circumcise his son; and his life was saved by Zipporah’s prompt action.
    He could not act as God’s instrument while in disobedience to his covenant. Cf. Gen. 17:10.
  2. 6:3. ‘Did not make myself known’: i.e., as One whose name is ‘the LORD’ or ‘I AM’. Cf. 3:14. Once only in Genesis did God use that name of himself, and then without emphasis or explanation (Gen. 28:13).