Genesis 33

  1. What is the importance of the title that Jacob gives to God in verse 20?
    How has he named him previously?
    See 31:5, 42, 53; 32:9. Cf. Ps. 63:1.
  2. In the story of this chapter how far did Jacob live up to his new name Israel?
    Is it significant that he is still called by the old name?
    Recall the terms of his vow in 28:22.
    How far does our behavior match our Christian profession and express our new nature?
    Cf. Rom. 7:20, 24, 25a.

Note. In other cases of change of name in Scripture the new replaces the old, so we read of Abraham instead of Abram, of Peter instead of Simon (but see John 21:158-17), of Paul instead of Saul. But after Peniel the old name Jacob still occurs seventy times in Genesis, and Israel only forty times.