Genesis 18

  1. Let us learn from Abraham’s example how it is possible to receive the Lord as our guest, to enjoy fellowship with him, to become those whom he calls his friends.
    Heb. 13:2; Rev. 3:20; John 15:13-15.
    What were the fruits of this fellowship in Abraham’s experience?
    What enrichment, in consequence, did Abraham gain for himself, and was able to bring to others?
  2. Verse 22-33. What are the chief characteristics of Abraham’s intercession?
    Make a list of those that should also mark our praying.
    Note the effect of Abraham’s intercession. Cf. Gen. 19:9.


Note. Verses 23-25. In praying for Lot and for Sodom, Abraham appealed not to God’s special covenant mercy of faithfulness, but to his universal righteous judgment.