Genesis 15

  1. How are God’s words in verse 1 exactly related to Abram’s circumstance and condition?
  2. In utterly hopeless human circumstances (see Gen. 11:30; 15:3) how did Abram obtain hope of having descendants?
    What else did he gain by such a response?
    What principle of the gospel of Christ does this illustrate?
    Cf. Rom. 4:2-5, 13-25.
  3. What grounds for his faith did God give to Abram?
    Why did God also make a covenant with Abram?
    Note the use of a visible token and pledge. Cf. Heb. 6:13-18.

Note. Verses 9, 10, 17 describe an ancient ritual used to seal a contract. Cf. Jer. 34;18, 19. The smoking brazier and blazing torch represent the Lord passing between the divided carcasses, and thus ratifying the covenant.