Matthew 16:21-17:13

  1. 16:21 indicates Christ’s clear awareness of the cross ahead.
    The word ‘must’ expresses a sense of inward necessity.
    What does this reveal about the character of Christ’s death?
  2. What are the terms of discipleship (verse 24)?
    What incentive does Christ put forward in verses 25-28 to encourage his disciple to pay the cost?
    What did Peter particularly need to learn (verse 22, 23)?
  3. In the story of the transformation (17:1-14), can you see its purpose:
    (a) for Christ himself, and
    (b) for his disciples?

Note: 16:28. The reference here to ‘the Son of Man coming in his kingdom’ would seem to be not to his second advent but to his post-resurrection triumph and exaltation to the throne.