Numbers 3

For background details concerning the tribe of Levi, see Exod. 6:16-25; 32:25-29; Lev. 10.

 How was the work assigned to the Levites divided between the three ‘families’ of the tribe? How, if at all, might the command ‘each to his task’ (4:49) apply to Christians? Do these two chapters throw any light on the possible implications of such a command? See especially 3:5-10, 25, 31, 36, 45; 4:46-49.

  1. Whom did the Levites represent?
    Why did the first-born belong to God?
    What does ‘redemption’ mean in this context?
    Is there a New Testament counterpart that involves us?
  2. How does 4:1-20 bring out the ‘frighteningly’ sacred character of the tabernacle?
    Cf. 1:51b, 53; 2 Sam. 6:6-11; Rev. 4:8.
    What truths does this illustrate and enforce?