Romans 14

  1. A Christian man is a most free lord of all, subject to none’ (Luther).
    What do verses 1-12 teach about Christian liberty?
  2. ‘A Christian man is a most dutiful servant of all, subject to all’ (Luther). For what reason should Christian liberty be qualified?
    What are the most important things to be preserved at all costs in the Christian community?
  3. If in doubt ourselves bout the lawfulness of a thing, can we do it because we see other true Christian people doing it?
    If not, why not?


  1. Verse 1. Cf. NEB: ‘Accept him without attempting to settle doubtful points.’
  2. Verse 5. There is no need to suppose that Paul was thinking of the weekly Sabbath here, but rather of Jewish holy days.
  3. 6. There is an important principle here, akin to that of verse 23b. It is that if we can thank God in what we do, receiving it as his gift, it is right to do it; otherwise not.