Romans 11

  1. What three reasons are given in this passage to show that God has not cast Israel wholly away?
  2. How have the remnant who have been saved come into that blessedness, and how have the others failed to obtain salvation? What has been God’s part in the result, and what ours?
  3. If a man trips and stumbles, he may either rise again or fall and perish. What reason does Paul give here for his confidence that Israel’s rejection is not final?
  4. Against what spirit does he warn Gentile believers? What lessons ought we to learn for ourselves from God’s dealings with Israel?
  5. How does this passage encourage the vigorous prosecution of Christian mission to the Jews?
  6. What is God’s ultimate purpose for Israel, and how do the scriptures cited confirm that purpose?
  7. Consider the plan of God as revealed in chapters 9-11. By what successive steps has God acted, and will he still act, to bring about the result stated in verse 32? Does the argument of these chapters lead you as naturally as it led Paul to the doxology of verses 33-36