Romans 5

  1. Verses 1, 2, 9-11. What blessings does justification bring with it?
    List the things which are now ours to enjoy.
    Note how much is covered by these statements.
    What ought such awareness to make us do?
  2. Someone, however, may say: ‘But what of the sufferings attending the Christian life?
    Do they not from its blessedness?’
    What is Paul’s answer to this?
    See verses 3-5. What is the value of suffering, and how can we be sure that our hopes are not mere wishful thinking?
  3. Verses 5-8. By what evidence can we be doubly sure that God loves us?
    Notice the importance of having at least two witnesses. Cf. Deut. 19:15; 2 Cor. 13:1.
    In what ways are the witnesses mentioned here different and complementary?
  4. What are the consequences for men and women:
    (a) of Adam’s fall into sin, and
    (b) of Christ’s ‘obedience’ or ‘act of righteousness?
    In what respects are the latter both similar to, and different from, the former?
    What ought we to recognize about the character of the benefit that becomes ours in Christ?
  5. What four ‘reigns’ are spoken of in this passage?
    Two of them are the sad experience of all people.
    How do the other two operate? What benefits do they bring?
    How can we enter into their enjoyment?