Ezekiel 43:13-44:31

This section opens with a description of the great altar in the center of the inner court, together with the sacrifices by which it is to be cleansed and purified (43:13-27).The alter rested on a square base and was built of three square blocks of stone, each smaller then the one below, leaving a projecting ledge at each level. The uppermost block had four horns and was twelve cubits square. It was reached by steps on the east side. Chapter 44 lays down three ordinances, the first concerning the use of the east gate (verse 1-3), the second concerning the Levites (verses 4-14), and the third concerning the priests (verses 15-31).

  1. Why had the altar to be cleansed before the offering made on it were acceptable to God? See 43:27 and cf. Lev.16:18, 19; Col. 1:19-22; Heb. 9:23.
  2. What lessons are taught in 44:10-16 regarding God’s judgments upon faithful and unfaithful service? Cf. Luke 19:17; 2cor. 5:9, 10; 1 Tim. 1:12.


  1. 44:7, 8. It had evidently been the custom before the exile to allow foreigners to officiate in the sanctuary and in its ministry, even though it may have been only in menial duties.
  2. 44:19. They shall not bring their holy garments into contact with the people (Cf. Ex. 30:29).