Ezekiel 42:1-43:12

Follow the link This section opens with a description of other building in the inner court (42:1-12), together with the purposes they are intended to serve (42:13,14).See diagram 1.The measurements of the outer wall, and of the whole temple area, are then stated (42:15-20). In 43:1-9 the prophet sees in a vision the glory of the Lord returning by the east gate, the gate by which, years before, he had seen him depart (11:1, 22, 23 ).

  1. Observe emphasis on the holiness of God. See especially 42:13, 14; 43 :7-9,11,12. How was the holiness of the temple to be safeguarded, in order to bear witness to this truth about the Lord?
  2. How, for us, have the barriers been removed that separate us from the Holy one? And on what conditions may we draw near to God and give him acceptable service? Cf.2cor.7:1; Heb.7:24; 10:14,19; 1 Pet.2:5.

Note. 43:7-9. In Solomon’s temple there was no walled-off outer court separating the temple from the unconsecrated ground without (cf.42:20). The temple, royal palace and other buildings all stood together in one great enclosure, and the burial-ground of the Kings was not for away.