Ezekiel 37

  1. Why were the people unable to believe Ezekiel’s prophecies of restoration and blessing?
    See verse 11. Did the vision of verses 1-10 show that things were not so bad as or worse than they seemed?
    Yet what happened, and why?
  2. Notice that the regeneration of Israel came in two stages (verses 7-10).
    What would this have signified to Ezekiel?
    What part did he have to play in the change that took place? Are the spiritually dead coming to life as a result of your witness and praying?
  3. Verses 15-28 are a glorious picture of the purified, restored and reunited Israel. Note the five great features of the Messianic kingdom described in verses 24-27. What light does this passage throw on the conditions and blessings of Christian unity?