Ezekiel 35:1 – 36:15

In this section the prophet declares that the new era will be better than the past, because of the greater fertility of the land. When he uttered this prophecy, the land of Israel seemed ruined. Edom (Mount Seir) was seeking to obtain possession (35:10; 36:5), and mountains of Israel lay desolate (36:4). The prophet declares first a judgment on Edom (chapter 35), and then a return of Israel to enjoy times of unprecedented prosperity (36:1-15).

  1. Chapter 35. What are the three sins of Edom, mentioned in verses 5 and 10, for which they will be judged? Notice how frequently the punishment foretold exactly matches the Edomites’ sin, e.g., verses 5 and 9; verse 6; verses 14, 15. How does Ezekiel show that even in their hour of judgment, God sill identifies himself with his people, Israel?
  2. Summarize the blessings promised to Israel in 36:8-15. If you interpret the restored land as a picture of our inheritance in Christ, what spiritual blessings are typified in these verses?