Ezekiel 33

The prophet had known from the first that part of his commission was to be a watchman (cf.  3:16-24), but now the time had come to put it into practice: for in the new era that was dawning, only those who individually repented and returned to God would live.

  1. In what terms does Ezekiel express the need for repentance?
    What kind of behavior is expected of the wickedness when he repents? Cf. 26:20; Rev. 2:5.
  2. Compare the two current sayings quoted in verses 10 and 24. Observe where they were current, and how the one is despairing, the other confident.
    What is God’s answer in each case?
  3. Why did the prophet suddenly became more bold to speak, and the people more curious to hear his words?
    See verses 30-33. What, however, was lacking in their new interest?
    Cf. Matt.7:26-27.