Psalm 20 & 21

These two psalms are closely linked together. In Ps. 20 a battle is about to take place between the king of Israel at the head of his people and his foes. Sacrifices have been offered, and the king and his people commit their cause in faith to God. In Ps. 21 the battel is won, and the people give thanks to God for their king and look forward to further victories.

  1. What does Ps.20 reveal is the attitude of the king and his people as they set out against their foes?
    On what is the confidence of verse 6 based?
    Is this sort of confidence characteristic of God’s people today?
  2. 21 falls into two parts, verses 1-7 and 8-12, with a concluding prayer.
    To whom is the first part addressed, and to whom the second?
    In what ways does what is said of the king find its fulfilment in Christ?