Psalm 15 & 16

  1. Go through Ps. 15 verse by verse, and use it as a test for your own life and holiness. Then turn to 1John 1:8, 9.
  2. What according to Ps. 16 are the marks of the believing person (verses 1-4)?
    What are their privileges (verses 5-8)?
    And what are their prospects (verses 9-11)?


  1. 15:5a. Cf. Lev. 25:35-38; Deut. 23:19, 20. The laws against usury were enacted more as a protection of the poor than against the legitimate use of capital in the interests of trade, cf. Matt. 25:27.
  2. 16:10. Quoted by Peter (Acts 2:27) and by Paul (Acts 13:35) with reference to Christ. As with Ps. 15, the psalm is fulfilled in him, and in us through him.